Why Thank You, I Made it Myself is an interview series by Melbourne freelance writer Kath Dolan exploring the nuts-and-bolts of running a creative business with makers, craftspeople and designers.

Interviewing designers and craftspeople about their meandering career paths for my Age column Meet the Maker a while back got me thinking. Why are so many outrageously talented folk told as kids – overtly or obliquely – that their drawing, cutting, gluing, nailing and hammering is the stuff of hobbies, not business?

Where are the local, hyper-detailed case studies for anyone brave enough to try making a crust out of their creativity? The messy experiments to learn from? The nitty gritties?

Why are interviewers (me included) forever asking about creative process, not business nous? Where are the stories about kick-arse makers as business people, and the non-Instagramable moments keeping their creative dreams afloat?

Why don’t I get onto that? So I did